The 2018 Bathroom: Less Is More


Your home’s bathroom can be more than a place to shower and brush your teeth. It can be your own personal spa where you can relax, decompress, and make sure you’re looking fresh. It’s the first place you go when you wake up and the last stop before bed. Don’t you owe it to yourself to make sure it’s not only tailored perfectly to your needs but also looks as good as you feel when you step out of a nice hot shower?

The days of enormous Jacuzzi tubs, massive marble flooring, and lavish his & her cabinets are better left in the luxury magazines and Hollywood films. 2018 bathrooms are all about achieving the same results on a more efficient smaller-scale. It’s important to make the most of the space you’ve got without making it feel cramped, so every inch should be utilized. There’s a great emphasis on ditching excess for minimalism and the integration of smart home technology. Before, any type of electrical appliances in the bathroom were a dangerous game. Now gadgets and items to make life easier and the bathroom more comfortable are embraced as the future.

Let’s start with the actual commode. You may have heard about the features that newer toilets are equipped with. They’ve been a staple of European bathrooms, and they’re finally starting to come to the United States. These artfully designed toilets can come equipped with everything from seat warmers, customizable slow close lid options, automatic openers, built-in deodorizers, adjustable air dryers, and even wireless music players.

Next is the arguable centerpiece of the bathroom. Hexagon, diamond, arabesque, Moroccan fish scales, or chevron tile patterns are a beautiful choice to liven up walk-in showers. Freestanding tubs are becoming trendy since they save room and can be decked out with green energy-saving faucets to reduce water consumption. Putting a sleek and modern tub in a space that’s designed to look more rustic creates a popular contemporary complementary scheme.

Having large pieces of clunky furniture or bulky appliances are wasteful and counter intuitive to the progressive approach homeowners are choosing for their designing needs. Storage areas are economizing as well. Vanities can hang as free floating wall mounted pieces, rather than as part of a large or cumbersome cabinet structure. All of the plumbing is still hidden neatly for a clean, simplified counter area.

Similarly, sink bowls are going smaller. A contemporary style is expressed with brass and gold tones on automatic faucets triggered by hand sensors and warming drawers for linens and towels. Of course, wireless music systems and televisions are being combined into these appliances so you can stay entertained and multitask throughout your daily routines.

We’re stressing pathway lighting more than overhead, not just for safety but for aesthetics. New techniques to keep the bathroom lit properly are getting even more creative to get the most use out of everything. There’s a rise in light bars and wall sconces and natural lighting, where some renovators are carving out a skylight. And as for those walls, nature inspired patterns and graphics are in. Exposed brick, wood accent pieces, and leaf tile mosaics are dominating the consumer market. While we don’t always enjoy year-round sun in Ohio, don’t forget natural light. Sunshine streaming through large or high mounted windows can open your bathroom and make it look and feel more spacious.

Neutral, natural colors like whites, grays, and warm browns are being utilized the most, but some people are injecting a burst of personality with blues and reds on their walls or floors. Underfloor heating systems are a great comfort item. These work best with tile, vinyl, concrete, and wood materials and not only keep you toasty on cold winter mornings, but also help with noise control and are beneficial for those with allergies since they reduce air flow that would typically stir up dust. You can take it a step further. Add to the natural look/feel, by incorporating live plants into your floor plan (they’ll love the floor heating system too).

You don’t have to settle for the stark cookie cutter bathrooms of the past. The key thing to keep in mind is identifying colors, features, and comforts that fit your style. A good designer or contractor can help you identify an organizing theme, so your new bathroom remodel has a clean streamlined style and feel – both functional and beautiful.

Lastly, be sure to consider what you need now and what may want in the future. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to start attaching wiring and hook ups for technologies and gadgets that they might need someday down the line. Likewise, attractive barrier free bathrooms and decorative grab bars can be aesthetically appealing today, and functional tomorrow.

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